ST - Constant Torque Embedded Hinges
The ST series of compact hinges provide ease in positioning objects and holding them steady in any orientation. Their size and torque values fit designs ranging from the smallest web-cams and consumer electronics to portable computer screens, LCD displays, point-of-sale terminals, medical equipment and larger enclosure panels. ST hinges provide refined ergonomic performance to enhance any application with a smooth, consistent motion for a feeling of precision and quality.

The all-metal ST series hinges deliver rugged, long-lasting, high-torque performance in a compact package. Base designs are available in multiple size, configuration, and torque variations to satisfy a wide variety of application needs.

Reliable positioning torque eliminates the need for secondary mechanical supports
Compact package allows hinges to be bolted or molded directly into a thin-profile product housing for a more pleasing aesthetic design in even the smallest applications
Constant-torque design is unaffected by normal temperature variations and maintains consistent performance without maintenance or adjustment

Available Options

A range of sizes and torque-values accommodate application designs
Can be specified with either symmetric torque or asymmetric torque to control the operating effort in both directions
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Standards and Specifications

Minimum cycle performance: 20,000 cycles ±20% of static torque specification
Operating temperature range: -20°C to 65°C (-4°F to 150°F)